Abedabun is the daughter of Pocahontas from the film of the same name. She is very much loves nature and will do any thing to keep it how it is. She tends to follow the fashion of her time period with the exception that she covers her breasts. She was born at dawn which is what her name means.

Some attributes
First The daughter of Pocahontas from the film of the same name
Second Loves the idea of England and desperately wants to go there.
Third Mainly follows the fashion of her time period.
Other attributes
Fourth Is a perfect description of a savage.
Fifth She is passionate about nature.
Sixth She doesn't know her father.


Abedabun is the perfect description of a savage,unfortunately. This means that her dream to go to England may never come true which makes her rather bitter. She is passionate about nature and the natural world. There have been rumours that say the savage is an act as she thinks that it how she should be. This may be true as she can be very ladylike and proper. This could have something to do with her father as she never knew him and doesn't know who he is. 


Abedabun has long black hair like her mother which she often wears in a plait. She wears a buckskin crop top over her breasts. She also wears a wrap around layered buckskin skirt. Most of the time she goes barefoot.