Symphony is the daughter of Melody the daughter of Ariel from the film the little mermaid. She is half human half mermaid like her mother as Melody married a merboy when she was old enough. Symphony was named to do with music like her mother but is rubbish at all kinds of music.

Symphony Mermaid
Some attributes
First Granddaughter of the Ariel from the little mermaid
Second Loves swimming as she is half mermaid quarter human
Third Hates music and anything to do with it as she is rubbish at it.
Other attributes
Fourth Has taken a liking to magic
Fifth She also has a human form like her mother for when she visits her grandparents.
Sixth Has one aunt.


Symphony is rather jealous of all the other mermaids that live under the sea because of their musical talent. Because of this she has taken a liking to magic in a attempt to be better than them. She has built lots of walls around her which hardly anyone can pull down. The real Symphony is the nicest mermaid ever it has just been squashed down by her overwhelming jealousy.