About Winter
Some attributes
First Her mum is Snow White from the story Snow White
Second She is 15 years old
Third She is nothing like her mother. She hates animals and singing
Other attributes
Fourth Her favourite Subject is Creative Writing
 Winter White is the daughter of Snow White. She hates her story and wants one where she isn't the damsel in distress.

She has short black hair that she has dyed red at the tips. She originally had very pale skin but she puts on fake tan to be as different from her mother as possible. She is short and slim and wears a black and red dress.

She is the sort of emo type. Rebelling against society which she does very well. She tries her hardest to shock her mother and not follow her story. When you get to know her, she seems to be a mouse trapped in the body of a lion. She is kind-hearted under her tough appearance and is always willing to help her friends